Since December 2017, statements are made available via “my account”

Thanks to the password-protected members’ area “my account”, our members can keep an overview of their distribution statements and distribution settlements. Many members asked us to stop the dispatch by post. We have taken this request into account and introduced the option to renounce on the postal dispatch. Text by Claudia Kempf

Since December 2017, statements are made available via “my account”

SUISA members with access to the password-protected membership area have been informed via a personal infomail since December 2017 if a new settlement is available in “my account”. (Photo: Rawpixel /, edited by Manu leuenberger)

During autumn 2017, more than 14,000 members with access to “my account” were informed that they would only receive statements upon request in future. Only a minority have since asked for the postal dispatch. Online access to the distributions therefore corresponds to a requirement supported by the majority. The pdfs which are listed in a clear order and can be easily navigated as well as the overview of the annual remuneration is something that is appreciated by our members and that makes the postal dispatch obsolete for many.

With the fourth quarterly distribution dated 15 December 2017, registered users of “my account” will be informed in person for the first time when a new statement is available for download in “my account”. About half of all authors and publishers for whom a settlement had been created received an infomail and have checked their distributions directly via “my account”. Only 0.1% of the e-mails could not be delivered. The introduction of this new type of dispatch has thus been successfully introduced.

We do try to contact those members to whom we could not deliver the infomail – if possible – in person. If this is not possible, the access to “my account” is blocked and the member is requested in writing to provide a new, valid e-mail address. Please therefore remember to inform us of any changes to your e-mail address without any delay.

Do you also wish to be informed as soon as a new statement has been created for you? This is where you can order the access for your personal account:

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