Always on top of things thanks to “my account”

More than 14,000 members are already using our member portal “my account”. More than half of all new registrations of original works during 2016 were done online. Why do more and more members regularly use “my account”? Text by Claudia Kempf

Always on top of things thanks to “my account”

Via our online portal “my account”, members enjoy personalised access to SUISA matters – via a single keystroke (Foto: Manu Leuenberger)

Thanks to the password-protected members’ area “my account”, our members keep an overview of the most significant SUISA matters such as settlements and work registrations.

Settlements always to hand as navigable PDFs

All settlements of the past five years can be accessed online at any time. The settlements in PDF format are user friendly as our members can navigate their way around in settlements that span several pages simply by using their mouse. Upon clicking on a work title in the table of contents, the respective detailed list of the work usages will be displayed, whereas a click on the SUISA number leads to the sound and audiovisual recordings’ list.

The total distributed amount for a year is shown in a cumulated way. It is visible at a glance which amount was paid out by SUISA over a year. Members who have access to “my account” can, in future, renounce on the paper dispatch of settlements. If a new settlement becomes available, a notification will be sent to members in future.

Access to personal data at any time

In the user profile, personal data such as postal addresses and payment addresses can be accessed. This area is currently being expanded so that members can amend their details directly in their profile section. Registered pseudonyms and relating IPI numbers are also included in this area. For publisher members with sub-editions or several main publishers, all information can be accessed via a login.

My account works database

With a personal user account, SUISA members can specifically search online for provisional works via the portal “my account”. (Photo: Screenshot

Optimised search functionalities for provisional works

Users have the option to search specifically for provisional works in our works database. Provisional works come into existence when they appear on reports on music use submitted to SUISA by users and the work has not been registered with SUISA at all or under a different title. The income generated for such provisional works is, however, held back from payment until the works have been registered and/or been linked to existing works. Read more about provisional works in the article “Why are there undocumented works in my works database?” (article in german) in SUISAinfo issue 3.12.

Efficient registration of works and sub-publishing agreements

Online work registration is simple. Since 2017, the IPI number of SUISA members can be searched within the registration process and be implemented into the notification. Publishers have benefited from the option to register sub-publishing agreements via the portal since spring this year. Thanks to the link to the SUISA systems, online registrations are processed more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile-friendly and future-proof

Of course, our SUISA platform is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. The membership portal is therefore available and accessible at any time and from anywhere.

We continue to expand our service range offered and to add new functionalities and services. We shall keep you informed on any related news via, or in our SUISAinfo magazine.

Access to “my account” is open to every SUISA member. Request a login or your personal online user account at:

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