New login procedure for the “My Account” member portal

On 7 September 2021 SUISA is introducing a new login two-factor authentication procedure for the “My Account” member portal. This means that when you log in, you will need to enter an individually generated code in addition to your password. This procedure is designed to enhance the protection of your personal data and to enable you to manage your own account in future. This article describes what you have to do for continued access to your SUISA data. Text by Claudia Kempf

New login procedure for the “My Account” member portal

On 7 September 2021, SUISA will activate the new login process for the “My Account” member portal. (Photo: ArthurStock /, edited by Nina Müller)

Security is important to us. To ensure even stronger protection of your data, we are introducing a two-factor authentication process for “My Account”. This login procedure requires you to enter two different codes as unequivocal proof of identity to access your personal account.

In future, apart from your username and password, you need a code which will be generated each time you log in. This login procedure with two security factors – password and code – is called two-factor authentication. When dealing with sensitive data, it is especially worthwhile to have a second security step in addition to a secure password to safeguard the data against unauthorised access.

What possibilities does the new login process offer?

The enhanced security level will facilitate your future use of “My Account”. You can henceforth choose your own username and no longer need to log in with the “M number” (previously the fixed login number) assigned to you by SUISA.

Moreover, you can manage your own user account and grant an own access to third parties, e.g. your manager. You can also authorise their access to services, or restrict such access. You can decide, for example, to authorise a third party to view your works but not your settlement statements, or to permit them to register works on your behalf.

How will the change-over to the new login process work?

On 7 September 2021, we will activate the new login process. Existing logins will no longer be valid from this date. To continue to use “My Account” thereafter, please re-register after 7 September 2021 under All existing “My Account” users will receive their new registration particulars for this purpose by post as of mid-August. These registration particulars are valid for 30 days and can only be used once.

How does the first login work?

First of all, you must open a new user account for yourself and select a username and password for that account. Then you can enter the registration particulars sent to you by post and activate your own personal “My Account” profile. Finally, as Administrator, you can open a user account for other persons and grant them access to your data.

Only the login procedure has been modified. None of your existing entries – e.g. particulars for the registration of works or works registrations that have already been filed – are affected by the change and you can continue to access them as before in your “My Account”.

Thanks to the two-factor authentication process, access to your data can be structured more flexibly. Moroever, the new process will enhance the security of “My Account” and we will consequently be able to extend our offer of online services for members.

For questions about registration and login, please refer to the following functions under

  • Step-by-step instructions (PDF) will guide you through the login process.
  • Please check our help area for answers to the most common questions.
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  1. Belinda Winiger says:

    Guten Tag

    Ich wollte eigentlich noch im alten Jahr die Lieder unseres Chores singspiration erfassen und bin jetzt böse überrascht worden. Wir haben nie per Post Informationen erhalten und ich kann mich nicht mehr anmelden. Jetzt habe ich versucht mich neu zu registrieren aber ich muss eine IPI Nummer eingeben, die ich nicht habe. Wie gehe ich jetzt am besten vor? Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.

    Freundliche Grüsse
    Belinda Winiger (singspiration)

    • Guten Tag Frau Winiger

      Danke für Ihren Kommentar.
      Wegen der Umstellung des Login-Verfahrens muss sich jedes SUISA-Mitglied neu auf dem Mitgliederportal registrieren. Auch wenn man zuvor schon ein Login für «Mein Konto» besass, muss man trotzdem ein neues Benutzer/innenkonto für sich eröffnen. Auf der Website finden Sie Informationen und Links für den Zugriff auf das Mitgliederportal. Eine Bedienungsanleitung, die auch im obigen Blogbeitrag verlinkt ist, führt Sie Schritt für Schritt durch das Login-Verfahren. Während dem Anmeldeprozess kann man seine persönlichen Registrierungsangaben anfordern. «Mein Konto» ist ein Portal nur für die Mitglieder der SUISA. Jedes SUISA-Mitglied verfügt über eine persönliche IPI-Nummer. Sollten Sie diese Nummer vergessen haben oder Antworten auf andere Fragen zum Mitgliederportal auch nicht in den weiteren Hilfedokumenten finden, können Sie uns über die in der Bedienungsleitung ganz am Schluss aufgeführte E-Mail-Adresse eine Nachricht schicken.
      Freundliche Grüsse
      Manu Leuenberger, SUISA Kommunikation

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