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The Royalty Report is online
The user interface of the SUISA Royalty Report. The data analysis tool is available to all members via the portal under “My account”.
Photo: SUISA
Text by Claudia Kempf
News about “My account”: Thanks to user-friendly graphics, the Royalty Report provides a quick overview of how the copyright royalties developed over the last five years and allows individual analyses per mouse click.

The SUISA member portal is very popular and is used a lot. More than two thirds of all members have access to “My account” and use the advantages of the portal. Since May 2021, a significant function has been added to the portal: the Royalty Report. With this newly introduced analysis tool, you can create statistical evaluations of your own SUISA income and turn them into graphics.

After all, there is a lot of information in the SUISA settlements. You can access the settlements in “My account” as navigable PDFs. An accumulated evaluation of this data required manual or, in the case of publishers receiving electronic settlements, technical efforts.

This additional effort is now a thing of the past: With the Royalty Report, all members can, simply by clicking on the right button, get answers to questions such as: Which of my works is doing really well in a specific country? Which of my works generated the highest turnover last year? In which areas was a specific work most used: Radio, online or in discotheques?

The Royalty Report is interactive

The basic setting provides an overview of all work usages of the last five years and the current financial year. It shows at first glance: How many works did it take to reach the turnover I have generated? When were the works used, and where? What are the top works and what is the turnover they generated in that time? Did I earn more as a lyricist or a composer, as an original or sub-publisher? Are my works used more on Spotify or Apple Music?

The Royalty Report is interactive. With just one click on a work or a country, for example, the entire appearance of the display is adjusted to the selected work or country. The link sign (chain symbol) in the work list leads you directly to the works database and provides details how the relevant work has been registered at SUISA.

Thanks to various filter options, the income can be shown by different criteria such as settlement date, usage period, country, distribution category, work or online music providers. In order to gain a deeper insight, the selection criteria can be combined in any way. The program also allows for an export of the filtered data to Excel. The settlements and usage periods can be specified further with a click on the arrows in front of the respective selection criteria so that an evaluation is also possible for an individual settlement.

If you have questions on how to use the Royalty Report, the following functions are available:

  • Info buttons: They appear if you hover over a field with your mouse at the top right in the user interface. They contain information about the data which are shown in this area.
  • A user manual summarises the most important functions and contains tips and tricks on the use of the Royalty Report and explanations on the various displays and distribution categories.
  • A video shows the most important user tips:

The Royalty Report is available in English. The manual contains translations of all terms and info buttons which are used in the report.

The Royalty Report is based on the data analysis tool by Microsoft Office. The software developer recommends to use the application on a computer with a browser of the latest generation. Mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets are, however, not suitable for processing large data volumes.

The member portal will be expanded in the medium term to become a central point of contact for our members so that core tasks of SUISA can be offered more quickly and cost-efficiently. The Royalty Report is an important step into the digital future. A next step is the renewal of the login process so that members can manage their online accounts completely independently.

The access to “My account” and the Royalty Report is open to all SUISA members. Order your login for a personal online user account now:

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