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SUISA makes music possible
SUISA makes music possible as a mediator between the interests of music creators and music users.
Illustration: Zusammenspiel
By Irène Philipp Ziebold, COO
A new mission statement, a new organisation chart! Fairness, dedication and passion - these three concepts make up SUISA’s new mission statement. “SUISA makes music possible” is at the centre of the new mission statement. The same principle has been applied to SUISA’s new organisation chart.

Fair dealings when it comes to artists’ creations, dedication regarding mediation between the interests of music creators and users as well as passion for SUISA staff for their daily work. SUISA’s new mission statement has the motto “SUISA makes music possible” at the centre. This principle is also the foundation of the new organisation chart of SUISA which has been in force since January 2019.

New organisation chart

The new organisation is more strongly oriented in processes than before. This shall ensure that music creators receive the best possible remuneration for the use of their music. The objective of the reviewed organisation chart is to further optimise SUISA’s internal process efficiencies. The main process – licensing and distributing – is now combined in one department under a joint roof.

SUISA’s organisational structure will continue to be split into three departments. The responsibility of the core process shall rest with the new department “Operations”. Add to that the department “Regulations” for legal prerequisites and international work documentation as well as the department “Services” for all cross-sectional services, especially IT, Finance, HR and Public Relations.

The competences and responsibilities are thus also increasingly bundled at Executive Committee level. The responsibility for the licensing of the various music usages and, consequently, the distribution of the respective copyright royalties thus lies with one person. This way, complex interfaces can be avoided and tighter processes will be created. The objective remains that we tackle all future developments in the interest of our members and never forget to offer an efficient but also top-quality service.

New mission statement

In order to function in a (new) organisation, framework conditions must be set in the company. The purpose of a mission statement are to define any signposts within which company strategy shall be fulfilled. The mission statement is also intended to demonstrate what the purpose of a company is, to reflect its identity and to show what image is intended. Last but not least, the mission statement (PDF, in German) is meant to be an informational guideline for all staff and act as a motivator for them. Another aim is to illustrate and reflect the diversity and reality of the various staff members and SUISA target groups.

The previous SUISA mission statement was created at the end of the nineties. It thus no longer reflects today’s reality for SUISA and its environment and did no longer fulfil the above mentioned expectations. SUISA’s Executive Committee has therefore commissioned the creation of a new mission statement at the beginning of 2017. The new mission statement was worked on during a half-year period by a working group consisting of 14 SUISA staff members and two external experts. Staff members of all genders, age groups and hierarchical rankings as well as from all three SUISA locations took part.

Fairness, dedication and passion – these three concepts make up SUISA’s new mission statement. With the optimised organisational structure onto which the new organisation chart is based, we are equipped and ready and work intensively on the implementation of the new motto: SUISA makes music possible!

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