Registering for our member portal “My Account” made simple | plus video

Thanks to “My Account”, our members have a good overview of their SUISA affairs. Our personalised member portal helps to reduce the effort of managing data while keeping an overview of all data by means of our range of online services. Registering for “My Account” is quick and easy: Check out our step-by-step explainer video. Text by Claudia Kempf

Whether you are on tour, in the recording studio, at home at the desk or in the rehearsal room: With “My Account”, your SUISA documents always are wherever you are online. As such, you always enjoy a comfortable and convenient access to everything related to the management of your copyrights.

Your key benefits:

  • Overview of your registered works
  • Access to provisional works that SUISA has assigned to you on the basis of usage data (set lists, broadcast lists, etc.), but which have not yet been registered and thus cannot be distributed to you yet.
  • Register works online
  • Your statements for the last five years
  • Data analyses with the help of our Royalty Report
  • Access your personal details stored at SUISA and customise them
  • since June 2022: Access to the confidential declaration of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the attention of the General Meeting
  • from summer 2022 onwards: direct line to our specialists via electronic inquiries
  • from summer 2022 onwards: continuous information about your open cases

Register now for our member portal “My Account”!

About 14,000 SUISA members are already actively using the services on “My Account”. If you are not yet one of them, sign up now for our member portal.

You can log in to “My Account” in no time at all:

  1. Just go to
  2. Register as a new user and order your personal registration data
  3. For security reasons you will receive your personal registration data from us by post
  4. Once you have received the registration data: complete the registration process at

Do you need assistance when registering for “My Account”?

At you will receive support in the form of:

  • explainer video (see here, in the blog post)
  • written instructions on how to create a login
  • help area with questions and answers

No more searching for your statements when it comes to filling in your tax return. No more asking yourself whether a work is already registered or if you have already communicated the new address to SUISA. No more typing settlement amounts into Excel lists to find out which work generated the most revenue last year. With “My Account” you can access all this information online, 24/7, no matter where you are, and at your convenience.

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