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More efficiency and back to a degree of normality

More efficiency and back to a degree of normality
Irène Philipp Ziebold, COO of SUISA.
Photo: Lisa Burth
By Irène Philipp Ziebold, COO
“A crisis is a productive state, you just have to take away the taste of disaster.ˮ This quote from the Swiss author Max Frisch can be referred to as the guideline for SUISAʼs objectives over the past two years. Today, we can establish that: The cooperation with our customers has been strengthened and the efficiency of our services is steadily increasing. 2022 may well bring us all a little more normality again.

2021 – a year that, unfortunately, was still marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. SUISAʼs members as well as its customers continued to face many challenges: Numerous events had to be cancelled or postponed, which had a significant impact on the decline in revenue, particularly in the concert and entertainment event sector.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, SUISA has set itself the goal of supporting members as well as customers as far as possible during this difficult time. The corresponding support measures (advances, Covid-19 emergency fund, Pension Fund) are used and very much appreciated by our members. But also on the part of the organisers our measures (longer payment periods, reductions according to tariff) were positively received.

As such, we can state today that this “togetherness in times of crisisˮ has strengthened cooperation, which can also be seen in SUISAʼs round table discussion with its customers and event partners Christoph Bill (Heitere Events AG and President SMPA) and Alexander Bücheli (Managing Director Bar & Club Commission Zurich) (to be read in the article “Going through times of crisis with strong cooperational partnersˮ on the SUISAblog).

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown us how important efficient services are so that the distribution results can be optimised as best as possible even in the event of a drop in collections. SUISA has been enhancing its online service for years now, especially for music authors and music publishers. Step by step, we are expanding the possibilities for our members to access our services and process their transactions with us online, independent of their time(zone) and location.

SUISA can thus increase its efficiency and consequently distribute more money to authors and publishers of music. With almost 28,000 principals and over 12,000 members entitled to vote, further measures (more on this in the article “New features in member services of SUISAˮ) must be taken in order to achieve the goals that have been set.

For now, we look forward to 2022 with anticipation and hope that the new year will bring a bit more “normalityˮ.

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