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“Get Going!” 2022

Eight “Get Going!” grants awarded

Eight “Get Going!” grants awarded
The recipients of a “Get Going!” grant 2022: Kety Fusco, Hasan Nakhleh, Louis Jucker, Cégiu, Simone Felber, Mario Batkovic, Projekt Ei Gen Klang, Kaleidoscope String Quartet.
Photos: Marcocodrilo Photography, Jenan Shaker, Augustin Rebetez, Gian Marco Castelberg, Christian Felber, Rob Lewis, Verena, Ernst Kehrli, Daniel Scherrer, DR
Text by Urs Schnell, Director FONDATION SUISA
This yearʼs “Get Going!” call for entries had a great response among Swiss music makers. After reviewing all the dossiers received, the jury awarded eight start-up grants of CHF 25,000 each.

As part of this yearʼs invitation to tender for a “Get Going!” entry, a total of 225 dossiers were submitted from all genres and all parts of the country. The jury was positively surprised by the diverse and creative ideas outlined in the projects received.

Accordingly, the choice was not that easy for the jury. In the end, eight projects were selected that reflect the enormous diversity and vitality of the current Swiss music scene in a most wonderful way.

The recipients of a “Get Going!” grant 2022 in the amount of CHF 25,000 are:

More information on “Get Going!” and on the individual recipients can be found on the FONDATION SUISA website.

Starting in mid-December, FONDATION SUISA will also dedicate a detailed portrait to each musician on a monthly basis.

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