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Continuously improving collections

Continuously improving collections
Die Schweizer Genossenschaft der Urheber und Verleger von Musik hat für das Geschäftsjahr 2016 eine Einnahmensteigerung von 1,76% budgetiert.
Bild: Manu Leuenberger
Report from the Board by Dora Zeller
SUISA’s Board meeting of December 2015 was marked by numbers and regulations. Board members discussed the 2016 budget. They revised individual articles of the distribution rules. Furthermore, they approved an increase of the admission fee from 2016 and prepared the revision of the rules for the SUISA Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers (UVF) for the General Assembly.

The SUISA Board ratified the 2016 budget during its meeting in December 2015. The budget provides for a slight increase in collections (+1.76%). Broadcasting rights, fair compensation revenues and the online sector are expected to contribute to this rise. In terms of expenditure, a slightly higher amount is expected (+ 1.6%). The budget thus covers the increased need for IT specialists (salaries) and additional IT licence costs. Other factors leading to an increase in expenditure are more intensive sponsoring activities and the accompaniment of the copyright debate, and more costs for PR activities.

Projections above and beyond 2016 are mainly dependent on the regulatory background. If the conditions remain stable, a positive development in terms of income can be expected.

Admission fees and cost deductions

The number of SUISA members continues to grow. On the one hand, this growth is good news, on the other hand it means a steep increase in terms of administrative efforts. A higher admission fee for new members is intended to equalise the ratio between effort and income. The Board members have ratified the admission fee increase. From 2016 onwards, the one-off fee for new admissions amounts to CHF 200 for authors and CHF 400 for publishers. SUISA will still not charge an annual fee for its members. Some sister societies abroad are charging annual fees.

Moreover, cost deductions for the distribution in 2016 have been set. The Board decided to retain the percentage levels of 2015.

Changes to rules and regulations

Various applications for changes to the distribution rules were approved. The updated definition of the term “publisher and sub-publisher” as well as some changes to the wording of Tariff VN and Common Tariff 10 were also approved. A revision of the “shares of members and principals of SUISA” was partially approved.

The regulations for the SUISA Pension Fund for Authors and Publishers (UVF) are to be updated with clearer provisions and terms adapted to professional providence. The actual level of the pension payments for authors and the contributions to publishers shall remain unchanged. The Board has ratified the changes. They will be explained in the invitation to the General Assembly. Said changes will be voted on during the General Assembly.

General Assembly 2016

SUISA’s General Assembly for this year will take place on Friday, 24th June 2016, 11am, in the Paul Klee Centre in Berne.

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