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Death of Jean-Pierre Mathez

Death of Jean-Pierre Mathez
Jean-Pierre Mathez (1938–2023)
Photo: Editions Bim
By Xavier Dayer, President of SUISA
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Jean-Pierre Mathez.

Jean-Pierre was a member of SUISA’s Board of Directors for 19 years (from 1993 to 2012) and I had the great pleasure of working with him.

Like all my colleagues, I think of Jean-Pierre as a rare combination of great human warmth and unparalleled professionalism. He was able to defend Swiss music publishers with care and commitment and his qualities were recognised by all.

On a personal level, we had a genuine friendship and I look back fondly on the cordial atmosphere of our discussions. An authentic musician, he spoke passionately about musical life and the many concerts he attended. He attached immense importance to the cultural side of our common mission and to the promotion and defence of copyright.

Among the many memories that will always remain very vivid in my mind is the event that Jean-Pierre co-organised in 2017 for the 100th birthday of our former President of SUISA and honorary member Julien-François Zbinden. Jean-Pierre was the publisher of Julien-François’s work, and to hear their conversation, a story unfold with simplicity and passion over the course of a meal, was simply fascinating.

Today, all my thoughts are with his wife Gabi and their children.

On behalf of the SUISA Board, thank you Jean-Pierre once again for your invaluable contribution to our common cause of music and our cooperative.

Xavier Dayer

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