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4 tips for you how to get your concert royalties

4 tips for you how to get your concert royalties
Photo: Marcel Grubenmann
The open air summer season is in full swing. Immediately afterwards, the winter season with its many indoor concerts ‘gets in line’ outside music club venues. So the songs you wrote are also played live in concerts? Here are 4 tips for you how to get your concert royalties.

Concerts with your music have a value for you! Your concert payment is your reward for your live performance; you do, however, also earn money for composing your songs: That’s what we call royalties. SUISA can collect these royalties for you. If you’d like us to do this for you, you should consider these 4 tips:

  1. Become a member of SUISA
    A band as a whole cannot be a single member, only individual band members can sign up with SUISA. The prerequisite for you is to write your own music or lyrics. Ideally all involved co-composers become SUISA members. If the band has jointly composed a song but if not all involved band members have become SUISA members yet, we collect the royalties for the song and put the money for the non-members on hold for five years. If the remaining band members join SUISA within said five years, the money in question is paid out to them.
  2. Register your works with us
    You should immediately register all works you perform, record onto a sound carrier or offer via the internet, including details on all parties involved. Only if the works have been registered correctly can we distribute the money that is due to you.
  3. Inform us if you have moved or if your address has changed
    Please informs us on any change of your address and/or payment address/details without delay. If SUISA does not hold a valid address for you, royalties will not be paid until a new address is submitted. SUISA membership lapses in the event we have no valid contact details for five years.
  4. Contact us if you have queries about your distribution
    If you have a question on one of our distributions, please contact our distribution information team.

Additional information:
Work registration made simple (PDF, in German): Register your works properly and effortlessly with this guidance from our members’ magazine SUISAinfo.

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