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20 years M4music – with SUISA in the midst of it
More than 700 songs were sent in for the Demotape Clinic 2016. Veronice Fusaro were awarded the main prize “Demo of the Year”, and the “FONDATION SUISA Award” in the category Pop for the song “Come To Naught”. (Photo: Alessandro Della Bella)
Text by Erika Weibel
Over the last 20 years, the M4music festival has become an important get-together of the Swiss Pop music sector. In 2017, its anniversary, the festival offers numerous networking opportunities, information events, evening concerts as well as a showcase stage for young Swiss talents. Such a variety of activities enables the audience to catch a broader, sophisticated glimpse into current music affairs.

SUISA has been involved in the M4music festival for years now. 2017 marks another year where music creators can benefit directly from the expert knowledge of SUISA staff members, and network during the annual ‘Professional-Apéro’ drinks. On top of that, SUISA supports the ‘Showcase Stage’ where Swiss newcomers can present their music to the festival audience.

FONDATION SUISA, SUISA’s charitable foundation for music promotion, is the main partner of the well-established Demotape Clinic, which takes place in the course of the M4music festival. The “FONDATION SUISA Awards” are granted to the best Rock, Pop, Urban and Electronic songs from among the submitted demos. Furthermore, the main prize “Demo of the Year” is awarded together with the Migros-Kulturprozent [Migros ‘Culture Percentage’]. The award show takes place on Saturday, 1 April 2017 at 7.00 pm in the ‘Box im Schiffbau’. At the same event, FONDATION SUISA, the Solothurn Filmtage (‘Film days’), and M4music jointly award prizes for Best Swiss Video Clips 2017.

All information events and performances on the Showcase Stage are free of charge for the audience.

Panels at M4music 2017 with SUISA participation

Friday, 31/03/2017, 14:45, Matchbox
Copyright Debate: Sampling, Remix, Mashup

Samples and remixes can be found all around in the music sector. Nevertheless, this issue often leads to emotional discussions and also triggers the question among professional musicians: What’s allowed, and what isn’t? Where do I have to obtain rights, from whom and when? Questions which have become acute again in the digital age. Can the current copyright legislation provide topical answers? The panel will be presented by SUISA.

Saturday, 01/04/2017, 17:45, Matchbox
Blockchain: More than a hype?

Blockchain is the technology watchword of the day. No other topic inspires the imagination of entrepreneurs, investors and IT strategists more than the concept borrowed from Bitcoin, the digital currency. The financial sector attributes the potential to the Blockchain that it could fundamentally change entire commercial sectors. The Blockchain allows for tamper-proof transactions at cyberspeed without intermediaries. This topic has also caused ripples in the music industry: Income could then be distributed automatically among rights owners and the balance of power in the music industry could shift dramatically. But how exactly does Blockchain work? At the event entry-level knowledge will be conveyed and discussions will be held about the opportunities and challenges for musicians and collective management organisations. Andreas Wegelin, CEO of SUISA, will be a contributor to this discussion at the event.

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